Noise Deduction


A Photoshop panel to reduce noise based on multiple photos. In fact, it stacks all the photos in the maximum mode to reduce the noise as much as possible. In order for it to work, iit requires you to make a couple of shots especially in low light situations. Alternatively, maybe you have photos in the same setting that are dimly lit.

For example, noise is pretty obvious for photos taken at night, since we often adjust the ISO setting to as high as possible, in low light situations. Then you can take 10+ photos with various ISO settings (from low to high), then use this panel to combine these photos together to reduce the noise.

Simply follow these steps with this panel within Photoshop:
1. Click button and choose source images folder in the dialog
2. Wait for background task to complete processing of these photos
3. Check the resulting image and save it as necessary


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